Saturday, August 29, 2009

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

ReX's Laker's CaKe!!

This is the cake I made for Brandon's dad's birthday, who by the way is the biggest Lakers fan I know! He loved the cake! I tried my hardest to make it look more "manly" than cute. haha All the boys loved it so I guess I did alright with that

~*FiRsT ChRiStMaS*~

This was our first Christmas together as a married couple…awe! J We had only been in our house for three days and so as you can tell by the pics, we were not completely settled in and boxes were everywhere. So, on Christmas morning I woke up extra early and kinda picked up the house- making room for our Christmas tree and presents. I put up a few ornaments from our little collection. We got the cutest one from Disneyland while on our honeymoon with Mickey and Miney sitting in a ring. I LOVE IT! Anyways, I woke him up and had him open the presents that Santa and I ;) got him. He kept saying how bad he felt because he didn’t have anything to give me on Christmas morning. He already got a the CTS a few days earlier as an early Christmas present (because it would be kind of hard to bring that to Cali without me noticing it haha). So, I kept telling him I would’ve been very mad if he did get me something…like the CTS wasn’t enough?!?! Then when he was all done opening his gifts, we were picking up a little because we were looking for a box with Brandon’s parents’ presents in it. We couldn’t find it…so Brandon went out into the garage and brought in a box and asked me to look and see if their presents were in it. I opened it and oh my goodness it was a KITCHEN AID! What a sweetheart! I was very mad at him though because he was not suppose to do that!

My Last Day Nannying

Well...this was my last day of nannying! Sure miss those kids!! :/ The three oldest (Jacob, Benjamin and Lydia) are on the cover of "The Friend" magazine for the month of December. It is a painting of them that their grandma did!! Be sure to check it out!

Magnus's Band Concert

Magnus's first band concert :) He was very cute...although, my mom and I suspect he wasn't actually playing at all. I don't think we saw him read his music once..and he for dang sure did not have any of those songs memorized! haha

Friday, December 5, 2008

Baja 1000, Encenada, Mexico Nov 20th

What a perfect way to end our honeymoon...Baja 1000 ;) haha i know Brandon wouldn't have it any other way!!

Monday, December 1, 2008

4th Day of Honeymoon (still recovering from FOOD POISONING!)

Christmas at Disneyland...Can't beat that!

Tower of Terror!! EEE!!

We didn't realize we would see Brandon's Twin at DISNEYLAND! Buz lightyear to the rescue!

Well we finally made it to Disneyland/California Adventures after a miserable two days of me having food poisoning! haha But Brandon could not have handled the situation more perfect! He took care of me---constantly rubbing my back, holding my hair up as I threw up (sorry for that little detail haha...just be glad I*m not going into all the details :) , making food runs, smoothie runs, medicine runs, blow drying my hair, staying in bed with me all day watching The Holiday and all sorts of girly shows, etc. What a perfect hubby!

Disneyland was an absolute blast..but i really had to take it easy!