Friday, December 5, 2008

Baja 1000, Encenada, Mexico Nov 20th

What a perfect way to end our honeymoon...Baja 1000 ;) haha i know Brandon wouldn't have it any other way!!

Monday, December 1, 2008

4th Day of Honeymoon (still recovering from FOOD POISONING!)

Christmas at Disneyland...Can't beat that!

Tower of Terror!! EEE!!

We didn't realize we would see Brandon's Twin at DISNEYLAND! Buz lightyear to the rescue!

Well we finally made it to Disneyland/California Adventures after a miserable two days of me having food poisoning! haha But Brandon could not have handled the situation more perfect! He took care of me---constantly rubbing my back, holding my hair up as I threw up (sorry for that little detail haha...just be glad I*m not going into all the details :) , making food runs, smoothie runs, medicine runs, blow drying my hair, staying in bed with me all day watching The Holiday and all sorts of girly shows, etc. What a perfect hubby!

Disneyland was an absolute blast..but i really had to take it easy!

First Day of Our HoNeYmOoN @ Ocean Side

Started off the day right with some Denny's!

Then hit the beach!

Brondon's Sandcastle! He's a pro!

Walkin the pier!

This day was so perfect! The weather was great and we just had a blast together! It was so nice to finally relax after a CrAzY busy weekend!!


Thanks everyone for all your help and for sharing this special day with us!! We love you!

CA ReCePtiOn!

After the reception we BEGAN our journey to Ocean Side..took us a while to FINISH the journey...Car problems never fail with the McNeil Family! ;) jk Thanks TK for bringing us a new car!

We treated ourselves to some breakfast in bed the day of our reception!! It was so good!!! THANKS STACY AND LEX FOR THE AWESOME HOTEL ROOM!!
Thanks everyone again for an outstanding night...We really appreciate everyone's time & effort! This was an absolutely gorgeous reception! :) Love you all


WhAt a CuTe BuNcH!!

Me and my 10 lb bouquet!

I am totally obsessed with my cake & cup cakes!! Thanks April! You're amazing!

I won :)

From this moment on...