Friday, December 5, 2008

Baja 1000, Encenada, Mexico Nov 20th

What a perfect way to end our honeymoon...Baja 1000 ;) haha i know Brandon wouldn't have it any other way!!


jon & kara said...

Hey Tempestt, good job on the blogging you really got it going! Love all the pics! Your wedding really was perfect i'm so happy for you two. So when is the moving date or have you already left?? Your reception in Cali looked great. See ya girl way to start blogging! If your in town are you going to my mom's cookie party on wednesday?

August and Melissa said...

Yey you have a blog!!! You guys are soo cute together- I'm sorry about your honeymoon- that's no fun being sick. See ya later!

jon & kara said...

Ok here's how to add a blog list of fellow bloggers: Sign in, go to the top of the page and click "Customize" then Click "add a gadget" then click "Blog list" this shows when bloggers last updated. If you just want the link then use "link list" it's further down the options. Now just click "add a blog to your list" then add the web address. Like mine is Have fun.